IntelliCOAT® Technology

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IntelliCOAT® represents the next generation of field-application equipment and is now ready for use with the complete range of Canusa-CPS heat-shrinkable sleeves. Ask for our field-applied coating systems by filling the form to the right hand side.

Application Overview:

Today, Shawcor offers a complete portfolio of anti-corrosion coating products that can be field-applied using an automated installation process - introducing Canusa-CPS IntelliCOAT® - the world’s first fully automated system to control the application of heat-shrinkable sleeves and factory grade coatings. 

IntelliCOAT® delivers a step-change enhancement in the quality, consistency, and productivity of field-applied coatings in a simple-to-use format - allowing for a seamless coating along the entire length of pipe with zero compromise at the field joints. 

Benefits of IntelliCOAT® Automated Installation

Proven Technology | Field-Applied Coatings

IntelliCOAT® delivers benefits in five key areas to project owners, contractors and clients: 

  1. Quality: By design, IntelliCOAT® automated installation techniques allows to produce a high quality field joint coating that is fully repeatable and fully traceable with cloud based data management. 
  2. Consistency: IntelliCOAT® offers contractors the unique opportunity to have each and every heat-shrinkable sleeve applied in an identical manner – with heating intensity, time and sequence all tightly controlled. Operators simply lower IntelliCOAT® onto the pre-positioned sleeve and the system takes care of the rest.
  3. ProductivityIntelliCOAT® allows the contractor to precisely forecast the daily production of field joints, without reliance on operators to conduct any labour-intensive work steps. Adaptable to extreme environments and available in a variety of sizes, typical productivity rates are fast - and achievable at the same rate regardless of the pipe diameter or operating conditions. 
  4. Safety: IntelliCOAT® delivers enhanced operator safety through its enclosed heating design and rapid heat up and cool down cycles. 
  5. Field-FriendlyIntelliCOAT® is suitably equipped for operation in the harshest of environments - proving its strengths in projects with ambient temperatures ranging from below -30 ºC to +55 ºC and can withstand rugged handling associated with various construction methods. 
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