Are you in compliance with the final Mega Rule?

The newly published final rule goes into effect July 1, 2020. It focuses on changes to the operation of transmission pipelines, including the maximum allowable operating pressures regulations and what it means to previously grandfathered pipelines, material verification requirements, and an explanation of the new moderate consequence areas.


To prepare, operators should become familiar with the new requirements and determine where changes to their operations, processes, and procedures need to be made. In some cases, only minor changes or justifications for current procedures are needed. In others, entirely new procedures and work plans will need to be made.

The regulations impacted in this first final rule include:

  • MAOP reconfirmation 
  • Material verification 
  • MCA definition 
    • Non-high consequence area (HCA) assessments
  • Spike pressure test
  • Seismicity
  • Six-month grace period for seven-calendar-year reassessment intervals

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